Nice to Meet You Neighbor!

Thanks for stopping by! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

I know that real estate agents are a dime-a-dozen. There are over 34,000 just in the state of VA, in fact!

So what sets me apart from the rest? My background and unique skillset…

I’ve experienced all sides of this industry. I have been a renter as well as a homeowner. I’ve assisted in flipping homes for profit. I’ve held leadership positions in property management & home inspection services, and currently market and advertise for my brokerage utilizing my graphic design skills.

What I’ve discovered is that community is at the 💜 of it all!

A great agent negotiates well, but is also active in the community they represent! My involvement in all of these ventures has allowed me to become an exceptional local resource for extraordinary people like you!

My commitment to providing quality service, attention to detail, and my candid nature sprinkled with a dash of humor are also what make me stand out. Nobody enjoys the car-salesman-type of agent offering up stale, bs (bad sale) approaches and vague answers to questions.

Ultimately, we are embarking on an adventure together, and

Together, we will achieve the goals which matter most to you!

Selling? I will minimize scheduling hassles and share valuable advice about how to sell your home for more money (start by cleaning it and using storage solutions, if necessary).

Buying? I will help you find a home with great resale potential; one you can comfortably thrive in. I’ve got your back!

Because ultimately, home is about enjoying the pleasures and opportunities that your lifestyle allows, and the inspiration that it provides daily!

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