Did you know that Northern VA is home to MANY unique farms? Now that warmer weather is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about adding some fresh fruits and veggies into our meals. We are lucky to have some local farmers who make doing that both nutritious AND fun! Some of these farms also sell high-quality, hormone-free meat, free-range or pasture raised chickens & eggs, natural honey, cut flower arrangements and much more.

I personally believe it’s healthier and more ethical to consume foods that have been raised respectfully in alignment with nature and with minimal pesticide usage.  I choose organic products whenever I can for me and my family.  Additionally, exploring farms is one of my favorite ways to remain socially distant while still actively contributing to my community.

Listed below are some wonderful local farms.  I encourage you to visit and support them so that they may continue to thrive here in Northern VA!



Burnside Farms, Nokesville & Haymarket 703-930-3052  (Tulips & Sunflowers)

Yankee Farms, Nokesville 703-618-3782  Uses integrated pest management practices

Bloom Flower Farm, Nokesville 703-851-2576

Seven Oaks Lavender Farm, Catlett 540-272-7839  Uses natural growing practices

Messicks Farm Market, Catlett 540-439-8900  Minimizes chemical and pesticide use

Bees & Trees Farm, Elkwood 540-423-9020

Wollam Gardens, Jeffersonton 540-937-3222

Flo’s Blossoms & Herbs, Warrenton

Whiffletree Farm, Warrenton 703-989-3137

Hartland Farms, Markham 540-532-0436   Minimizes chemical and pesticide use

Green Truck Farm, Markham 540-316-7715  Minimizes chemical and pesticide use

Stribling Orchard, Markham 540-364-3040

Hollin Farms, Delaplane 540-592-3574 or 3701 Uses integrated pest management practices

Valley View Farm, Delaplane 540-592-1021  Minimizes chemical and pesticide use

Day Spring Farm, Middleburg 540-687-6036

Great Country Farms, Bluemont 540-554-2073  Uses integrated pest management practices

SunPower Farms, Round Hill 540-494-0005  Uses humane, solar-sustained methods

Crooked Run Orchard, Purcellville 540-338-6642  Uses integrated pest management practices

Wegmeyer Farms, Aldie, Leesburg & Hamilton 540-751-1782

Brossman’s Farm, Lucketts 703-777-4432  Uses natural growing practices

Ticonderoga Farms, Chantilly 703-327-4424  Uses natural growing practices

Whitehall Farms, Clifton 703-968-3900  Uses integrated pest management practices

Braehead Farm, Fredericksburg  540-899-9848  Uses integrated pest management practices


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