Socialize Smarter!

Struggling to get your Business Facebook &/or Instagram page recognized?

Not getting the “right kind” of followers?

There is an ever-changing strategy behind achieving a solid social media presence. I can help you extend your organic reach and attract the traffic you desire!

It begins with creating your brand and knowing who your target audience is. It continues with page optimization and creating a monthly content calendar.

I am currently Freelancing on a Part-Time basis. My rates vary depending on your project. A down payment will be required before starting, and the balance must be paid in full at project completion.

If you’re looking for someone to do your daily posts (yes, daily) on an ongoing basis, I’m not the best fit for you. I am here to help you kick-off your online social media presence and for guidance.

Want to create new business cards, logos, postcards or announcements?

As a creative person, I enjoy the intricate details in all artistic works! I assure you that your finished project will be top notch!

My background is in Digital Photography and Graphic Design. I have designed several websites (including this one) and am currently enjoying my 2nd year as the Marketing Manager for my real estate brokerage, Jacobs & Co. Real Estate. Feel free to check them out online to get an idea of the work I can do for you.

Unsolicited Advice…

You will have to put some skin in the game to build your business. It takes time and consistency. Nothing happens overnight, but if you build it well and keep at it… they will come! Pinky swear!