Human Nature

People generally prefer visual media, which is why video in marketing continues to gain in popularity.  If a video is captivating and tells a good story, people feel they can realistically experience what’s happening in it. For a business, videos provide valuable insight into your brand.  With more viewers comes engagement on your media platform, which increases brand awareness and traffic. All that’s left is for you to convert your traffic into sales, which will hopefully garner even more business via referrals.

Why Video Marketing?

In marketing, there’s a precedence for a social construct of getting to know someone, building that relationship and then doing business together. Videos help speed up that process.  When people can see how you interact and what you are doing, they can decide before they ever meet you whether or not they like you enough to do business with you.  You will still need to build trust with your market as everybody has a natural skepticism towards salespeople. Engaging video content helps to start breaking through those barriers.  If you are able to help people solve a problem on a video before they meet you, the chances of them working with you increases significantly! Video is also the easiest way to stand out from your competitors online because your personality is unique.

The STATS Are In

A  recent survey showed that Social Media posts with video have 48% more views than a regular post.  A video on your website boosts conversions by 80%.  The most profound statistic? A whopping 96% of people turn to video to learn more about a product before they decide to purchase it! In the USA, 86% of internet users turn to YouTube to learn new things and 70% of those users are on their cell phones.

Want to know ALL the recent social media stats? Check out this article from Sprout Social.

For The Shy Ones in the Back

Many professionals are afraid to be on camera.  Some need a script to flow and sound concise.  Not to worry, I have some GREAT solutions for you… All you need to do is create a set of slides on Powerpoint, Keynote, or Canva. Then record your voice while you speak about the content in each slide.  You could also record a testimonial from one of your clients speaking about why they enjoy working with you. If you are trying to make a name for yourself within a community, take a video as you are walking around town and narrate about your favorite local spots.  You could even attach a Go-Pro to the hood of your car and drive around your local area.  While these options won’t show your face, people can still hear the nuances of your personality and see your dedication and professionalism.  This will encourage them to become more involved with your brand.

Tips for Successful Marketing Videos

Try to keep your videos short and sweet.  58-90 seconds is the sweet spot to aim for.  Longer videos typically only have about a 25% completion rate.  Make sure when editing your video to adapt it to a mobile format for the platform you’re posting it on.  If the sound quality in your video is not quite clear, use Subtitles in it to make sure the viewer is getting the info accurately. Live streams tend to be the most popular video trend for those who are more outgoing.  If you plan to go live, give your followers at least 45 minutes-1 hour’s notice PRIOR to when you begin streaming.  This will garner more viewers which you can (and should) address during your feed.  Skip the introductions and get right into the story you are telling in your video. The first 5-10 seconds is THE MOST IMPORTANT to capture an audience! Finally, be sure to include an End Screen with your Contact Info, Logo and Tagline (if applicable) on it so viewers know how to contact you.